Just a short introduction to who we are…

Elisha: I started at Youth Board in 2009 when I was 15 and have recently taken a more Senior role within the Youth Board. Currently I’m an archaeology student at University and work in the Discovery Centre at weekends.

Emma: I’m 17 years old and I’ve been in youth board for approximately five years. I do  St John’s Ambulance and play a few instruments. I really enjoy coming to the museum and hope to be a doctor when I’m older.

Izzy: I’ve been in youth board for over eight years, meaning I’m one of our longest running members. I’m currently studying art, maths, chemistry and history at AS. Over the years I’ve been part of several of the Youth board projects and they’ve proved to be really unique opportunities which have also been really enjoyable.

Victoria: I’ve been in the youth board for about five years. I am a girl guide and am studying history ,chemistry, art and classical civilisations at Sixth Form.

Josh: I am 21 years old and I am the second longest running member of the youth board. I have made a film about the youth board for my uni work and for the youth board’s promotion as I feel we need something more visual to show ourselves off. The group is great and always fun we have a great laugh and the odd argument about pizza but that makes us just the fun and happy group that I love.

Elliot: I’m sixteen years old and I have been with the Youth Board for seven years and three of those have been with the Senior Youth Board. I’m studying Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Spanish at AS. I like Tennis, American Football and videogames.

Iqra: I’ve just joined Youth Board. I’m currently studying History, Politics and Pyschology at A2 in Sixth Form. I hope to study Ancient History at University. My interests involve blogging, reading and running.

Michael: I do Biology, ICT and Business for my A2s. I would like to do biology at university. My interests are sports like basketball and table tennis. I’ve been coming to museum for about a year.


Hafsah: I study Biology, Chemistry, and History in Sixth Form and am currently and A2 student. My hobbies include visiting art galleries, libraries and  museums. I hope to go into a healthcare profession after sixth form.

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