Climate Control Exhibition

So in today’s meeting we’ve had a look round the new temporary exhibition, Climate Control. The exhibition aims to encourage people to be more aware of the impact of climate change on the world around us, showing the drastic effects of climate change on the natural environment. But rather than remain all doom and gloom the exhibition then highlights how each of us can take small steps to combat these issues.

The space is divided into two halves, black and white, to represent the exhibition’s message : “We can’t change our past, but we can change our future”. The design is surprisingly effective and makes the exhibition feel more like a modern art space than a traditional room of objects. However it would have been nice to have perhaps seen a bit more of the collection in the ‘white’ side of the room.

One of the interesting stories from the exhibition is that of the peppered moths, from Manchester, whose appearance changed over the 19th century from a pale speckled colour to darker black in response to the increasing industrialisation. It demonstrates the effect that people can have on nature, but also how change and transformation can be possible. The exhibition continues in Living Worlds where the moth’s story is represented by a huge sculptural display hung from the ceiling. In the bays in this gallery there are also posters with things that people can do to do their bit in helping the environment.

Overall the exhibition was a reasonably positive take on what is really a pretty depressing topic, and the practical ideas to make a difference help you to take away something positive and know that you can do something to contribute.


– Izzy and Victoria

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