The Study Visit

Hi everyone, youth board is back after summer!

This morning we’re visiting the study and seeing what is going on. The redeveloped space was officially opened on Thursday night by Lemm Sissay, the new Chancellor of the University. The Study concludes loads of different features, such as a place for quiet study, a reading area, a space called make featuring a craft table and currently a photo exhibition by Nyaba Quedraogo. You can also get involved looking at some microscope slides and photographing them. there are “five minute blasts)” throughout the day, which will be exciting talks by anyone who wants to do one. Elliot will be speaking at 1, we’ll hopefully post a video later. There are also cases around the inside that highlight unknown objects from the museum and that includes a youth board case featuring the objects we’ve talked about in our WW1 series. The Study also features an aquaponics system, where fish and mint are co existing and feeding off each other, which is pretty mint. (This awful pun brought to you by Emma)

We think the space is really cool, it looks gorgeous and would be a great place to come and work or relax. there are events on all today, such as an artisan market, badge making, and a banquet this evening. Throughout the autumn there are talks and events happening, such as a visit from Kate Mosse, talks about a range of topics and some lively debates. We would definitely recommend everyone dropping in for a visit or an activity.



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