Today we had an extra youth board meeting as it’s half term! We were taking part in the Natural History Museum’s ‘Microverse’ Project – a project which involves various groups swabbing a building and sending them off for the cultures to be analysed. The youth board of course chose the museum and we surveyed three areas – the glass by the front doors, the cafe entrance pillars and the metal archway gate.
As well as being loads of fun, the project will hopefully help contribute to some really interesting research about what is able to survive in the harsh conditions that are building exteriors. The results are set to be published and hopefully the youth board will be acknowledged for our contribution.

Laura labelling the swabs to be sent off for analysis


A collection of polaroids we took during the project


Emma taking a sample from the entrance door glass


Laura taking a sample


Elliot taking a sample from the archway gate.

Hopefully in the future the whole youth board can get involved with more projects like this, as we had loads of fun and really enjoyed contributing to a larger project!



One thought on “Microverse

  1. Reblogged this on Learning at Manchester Museum and commented:
    Here is a guest blog post from the Museum’s enthusiastic Youth Board, who are a group of young people who volunteer at the Museum. They kindly got involved with a citizen science project called ‘The Microverse’ that we are taking part in organised by the Natural History Museum.

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