The All New Nature Discovery

The Nature Discovery section has been out of action for the past few months, but today it was once again unveiled to the public, so of course we took a look.

The revamped gallery is designed with the under-5’s in mind using knee level display cases and cute little tree stump seating. It aims to provide a space for 0-5’s and their parents to learn about nature and the environment through the museum and its objects. Although perhaps not the gallery’s target audience, we still all really liked this ‘new and improved’ nature discovery. There’s now even a spotter’s guide to the animals in the cases, which was surprisingly comprehensive.

Overall the makeover has given the space a fresher feel and the subtle owl noises and lighting creates a rather cozy atmosphere. All that’s needed now is some bigger seating so there’s room for all of us in there!

– Izzy

Oh, and Happy Holidays!

– Elliot


IMG_1908(spot the hare)

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