First meeting of the year

Today the three new members of the youth board, Iqra, Laura and myself were welcomed and we had our first meeting of 2014-2015. We were briefed on previous projects, such as the Trailblazers project, and put new ideas forward for upcoming events like featuring the creations of Mancunian artists, writers, directors, musicians and designers.

To get a feel for the artefacts at the museum the new members also got a tour in curator stalls led by Keira from the British Museum, and got to see a range of different objects in the collection, for example the North and South African anthropological artefacts as well as weaponry from different continents. We also received a preview of the designs that will feautre on the lockers, which was a butterfly case from the Natures Libraries collection.

This was a fantastic first experience and as a new member I have a better grasp for the type of work the youth members usually do.

– Hafsah

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