Youth board trip to York


On Wednesday the youth board headed off on our annual summer trip, this year to York. Seven of us were there, along with the other volunteers at the museum. During a fun coach ride we all caught up and Elliot, Michael and I began a card tournament. When we arrived we had a short walk and then headed into York Castle Museum.

All of us really enjoyed this museum, and I particularly loved how immersive it was. The Castle museum combined reconstructions and original artefacts to create locations such as an Edwardian and Victorian Street, a rural Yorkshire cottage and the old prison. There was also a great World War One exhibit, which was really nicely linked to York with local stories running through and a Sixties exhibit.

I liked how all he information was available, but due to the reconstructions, you could still see what life was like without such an academic feeling. However although I loved the range Andrea and I agreed a more local focus plus more chronological order would help really root the museum and connect some sections more to the local area, but it was a really a fantastic place to visit.
We then had a nice wander around York, seeing the city and stopping off for a photo outside the gorgeous minster.

youth board

We then headed off to the Railway Museum, for a reasonably quick trip around. I think we all really enjoyed this museum, as there was an amazing variety and quantity of trains, carriages and entrances as well as comfy seating, which was welcome after a lot of walking! It was great fun peering inside the luxury trains, including carriages specifically designed for royalty! We also got to sit in a Japanese bullet train, and see a train being spun on the old rotator

Bullet Train

On the walk back to the bus we paused to grab a much needed Starbucks for the trip home and Elliot, Michael and I managed to grab the hotly contested seats at the back of the bus in order to continue playing cards all the way home, with the two boys ganging up on me to ensure that the final winner was Michael with 11 games to Elliot’s 10 and my 9.

Overall it was a super day that was great for bonding and relaxing as well as seeing new museums and a new city.

Emma Willan

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