Kids In Museums Teen workshop

On Tuesday 1st, Andrea and I attended the Kids in Museums Teen workshop at the Imperial War Museum North and both delivered presentations about the youth board. The day was centred around the theme of working with Young People in museums, including how to attract them into your museum and what to do with them once they were there. Presentations varied themes varied from why we should bother working with young people to examples of projects carried out for, by or with young people.
For myself, particular highlights of the day included hearing about the work by Liverpool based LGBT group Homotopia and the Liverpool museums to create exhibitions which celebrated the LGBT community and increase their sense of belonging in art galleries and museums. Another highlight was the presentation by the IWM London’s Youth Panel, a group that runs similarly to the Manchester Museum Youth Board and is currently in its second year and has been engaged in some really exciting projects over its two year period.
Not only was the workshop a great opportunity to hear about projects being undertaken, but we were also able to meet so many people who were really passionate about allowing young people to have a say in their museums, and many who were really interested in setting up youth boards in their own museums, and some who had already started the process, which was really exciting to hear! Hopefully soon more museums will be allowing young people to voice their opinions, which can only bring about change for the better!


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