“Whitworth Park: Pleasure, Play & Politics Exhibition” Review

The exhibition provides an insight into all aspects of the Whitworth Park archaeological dig: from its role in the World Wars to the type of trees that grow in the park.  The vast variety of topics displayed creates an incredibly interesting and informative exhibition making it a pleasure to visit.  The active role of the community in this project is also shown in the many photographs and videos of the excavation which therefore creating the impression of a very personal project.  The layout of the exhibit is not only easy to follow but also allows the public to see the both dig and the park in the different stages of their development.  I particularly enjoyed looking at the 18th century records and plans of the park which I feel are a wonderful source of local historical interest.

Aesthetically, the exhibition is extremely appealing as the many photographs and pictures add a splash of colour and vivacity.  There were a huge variety of artefacts discovered at the dig making for an extremely interesting exhibition feel having these on display involves the public further in the project as they can see exactly what was discovered.  The exhibition run until 5th October.


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