Inspired By My Museum

On the second Saturday of every month I break routine. Instead of a messy bedroom and wasted hours I come to the museum. For the day I discuss and decide with my peers, planning how we can help and improve the museum. Ideas for events fly from our tongues, large scale dreams spiral around us. We focus on managing our blog, using every tool to help forward the museum, to inspire others as we ourselves are inspired.

In the past I have seen visitors entranced by the museum, wandering the galleries, captivated by the events that we ourselves have turned into reality out of mere electrical impulses in our minds. The joy of the children is refreshed as they discover a new exciting object around every corner. As each object’s story and life is connected to them, they become a part of the thrum and hum of the museum. The museum is like a time machine, transporting me back to when I was that young and saw the possibility behind every object, painting and preserved creature.

Manchester Museum is an old treasure chest, waiting to be opened, filled to bursting with a whole new life for those who venture in. I am no longer just a teenager but someone with a voice within this remarkable place.

One week we enter into the heart of this thriving organism, where dark passages twist and turn and the objects are carefully packed away. I am excited to see these hidden treasures fill the galleries one day ready to inspire a whole generation of thinkers, creators and inventors. The conservation room is a whole different world, smelling of the mysterious substances they use to refresh vibrancy. I feel honoured to visit these places, which seem almost sacred.

But the bustling lobby is where I see most how my museum inspires others and myself. Children and adults are admitted, unaware of the journey they have begun. There is almost a tangible feeling of possibility and with so much to explore I cannot help but wonder where these travellers will end up, in what land, time period or frame of mind.

I have been here often, but there is always more to see, do or understand. Stepping into the museum has become an exit from a normal life into an altogether more fascinating and inspiring one.

-Emma Willan, Manchester Museum Youth Board

Inspired by my museum is a creative writing competition, find out more at their website.

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