First meeting of 2014 and the Coral Exhibition

Today was our first meeting of 2014. To kick-start the year we visited the current temporary exhibition, “Coral: Something Rich and Strange” which explores artefacts made from coral, located directly opposite the entrance. The first thing in the exhibition is a crochet coral reef made in collaboration with Lucy Burscough. Members of the museum and the public also sent in pieces that they made themselves.  The piece is growing all the time, and will eventually move to the foyer as more contributions are received. Some of our favourites were an adorable pink squid, and a gorgeous orange Ahermatype with white “flowers”.

photo (1)

Further on in the exhibition were examples of coral such as this brain coral and other types and examples of all shapes and sizes. I had never realised the amazing diversity of coral to be found under the sea.

photo (2)

There was also an amazing range of coral art, both objects made of coral and objects inspired by the material. The objects ranged from a screen printed fabric to paintings to jewellery and even a scabbard with coral.

photo (3)

The objects had been sourced from different museums all over the world as well as the museums own stores so the amount of diversity in the exhibition was truly breathtaking. The youth group really enjoyed the exhibition and thought it was “intriguing because it had a combination of information about the coral and unusual objects to keep your interest.” – Eli. Elliot said “Coral was a thought-provoking exhibition because it showed different aspects of the use of coral in popular culture throughout the ages.”


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