Whitworth Weekending chance to have your voice heard

Aged 15-25?

Come and work with audio artist Jason Singh to create an awesome soundscape and visual work. 

Then see it come to life as part of the Whitworth Weekending Festival.

Come to some of these sessions:

Meet Jason + plan work – [Date to be decided] – [1 hour session, time to be decided]Learn the Equipment – [Date to be decided] – [1 hour session, time to be decided]Recording at the Festival – Friday 30th August – anytime between 4 – 8pm

Festival – Saturday 31st August – anytime between 12– 8pm

Festival – Sunday 1st September – anytime between 12 – 8pm

The more sessions you can come to, the more this will be yours. Meeting at Reception, The Whitworth Art Gallery, Oxford Road

 There are no stupid questions, just ask/suggest/complain/challenge!

Rory at the Whitworth 0161 275 7453 rory.coyle@manchester.ac.uk

Watch this space for dates.

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