Whitworth Art Gallery Circuit programme

A few Wednesdays ago, myself and Victoria went along to a consultation at the Whitworth Art Gallery to represent the Youth Board in a meeting about a new programme called Circuit. What is Circuit (we weren’t entirely sure either at first!)? We soon found out that Circuit is a national scheme that aims to “spark a transformation in the way that young people engage with art. Circuit is running at 8 different Art galleries across the country for the next 4 years. There will be lots of opportunities for you to get involved, run events, create art or influence the way the gallery works.” The Whitworth Art Gallery is one of the 8 galleries from across the country that will be setting up this programme for young people. If Circuit can get a wide range of ideas and viewpoints from a variety of people it will hopefully make art galleries (an museums!) more acessible to ‘young people’.


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