A day trip to Oxford

On 30th July 2013 the Senior Youth Board and some of the Museum’s volunteers took a day trip to Oxford, were we explored Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers Museum’s.
When we arrived at Oxford, we had a very nice lunch, once we have recharged our energy, the Youth Board set off to the Egyptian section of Ashmolean, fantastic objects and so much space. Izzy pretended to be one of the mummies. We then went around the whole museum and had a lot of fun, taking inspiration from the collections Josh took the role of Zeus. There were so many different cultural objects to explore. We even got to see Guy Fawkes’ lantern at the museum!
Later on that day we set off to Pitt Rivers Museum where we saw ‘shrunken heads’, the totem pole and many other fascinating historical things. We didn’t have much time to look around the museum since it closed earlier than we thought, however, we still managed to zoom through the 3 floors and see many of the objects laid out.
We have had an amazing day out in Oxford however we won’t be seeing the youth board until our new academic meeting in September. Until then people…
Emma Su

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