Our First Exhibition!

Recently we have blogged about our exhibition – Northwest to Northwest -on the theme of trees. It was installed in early April, and here are some pictures.

We were asked by the museum to curate an exhibition on the collecting theme of trees. We first looked at wood from British Columbia, Canada, as the museum has lots of wooden objects from that area.

Picture 033

We settled on the name ‘Northwest to Northwest – Forest to Metropolis’ as we found out that lots of trade took place between Manchester & British Columbia, which are in the northwest of their countries.

Picture 030

We have explored the ways in which trees have affected the economy, ecology and culture of British Colombia and Manchester.

Picture 022

This wooden carving from British Columbia was in the Living Cultures Gallery, but was out of sight, to we decided to take it down and put it into our installation.

We would like to know what you think the museum should be collecting relating to the theme of trees. Why not visit our installation and fill in one of the postcards?

Elliot & Jordan

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