Consultation at John Rylands Library

Recently we were asked to participate in some consultation at John Rylands library in Manchester. The library collection is the fourth largest in Britain after the British library, Oxford and Cambridge. We had a great day and it was really interesting. The entire library collection is split into several different sections and buildings, we visited the oldest of these sites on Deansgate, originally built in the 1890s.

Photo 19-01-2013 11 22 47

To start off we went down into to the basement where a lot of the books are stored. We had a good look around the bookshelves and explored for a while before having the opportunity to look closely at some of their rare books.  We then headed into the library and around the galleries.  The building was the first in Manchester to have electric lights and many of the original fixtures and fittings can still be seen.  The Library has a rolling programme of exhibitions and is definitely worth a visit.Photo 19-01-2013 11 32 51

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