Nature and Me…

A few weeks ago I was invited to take part in a “Nature and Me” workshop at Manchester Museum. The aim of these workshops was to bring together a group of people who all have a passion for nature, whether that be in their work, hobbies or, like me, through volunteering. Objects from the museums collections and artistic activities were used to generate discussion around our opinions on and experiences of the natural world. There was an amazing range of opinions, and everyone had different areas of expertise, from a diver to a lecturer in Theology and Ethics with a specialism in Climate Ethics. This created some great discussion and I learnt a lot and considered things I’d never considered before – for example that two of the same species of bird, one living in the country and one in the city cannot recognise one another by their song, as birds living in the city will sing louder and at a higher pitch than a bird from the country.

The outcome of the workshop was that we were all given the tools needed to create scripts for a video talking about our love for and experiences of nature. These videos are for the “Living Worlds” video app and are hopefully going to inspire other people’s love of Nature through our own.

My Video is being filmed next week, and hopefully I’ll be able to share it here as well as on the app – of course the YB’s Wonderful Whitworth Wildlife project will feature!

– Elisha.

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